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bgmconnect is a free classified website where you can post an add for free and also search for whatever you are looking for. it's an online market, user friendly and very easy to navigate.


One unique thing about bgmconnect is that you can go to "what i specifically/precisely need" category to write that unique/uncommon thing you precisely want after searching through and can't find any, the dealers will find you and contact you. bgmconnect will also look out for that unique/uncommon thing and contact you.


If you have any difficulty, you can chat us up. just look at the right hand corner below your device,  you will see an icon. click on it and we will be there waiting to help you. you can also send us an email.





Property agents around Akute and environs are allowed to freely post their property on the site. However, will contact the agent and  verify the property before it can been visible on the site. will act as the middle man agent around Akute and environs only. send us an email or chat us up to want to know why or get more information.



Property agents globally. i.e excluding Akute and environs are allowed to freely post their property on the site too. will not verify the property. However, agents will be disqualified and property will be removed if you post in the wrong section.



DISCLAIMER !!! will not be held responsible for any fraudulent act, it's an online market (platform) that connects the buyers and sellers only. so when trading, trade with caution.